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The Hall of Fame was organized by the ESF Alumni Association and Athletic Department. ESF Hall of Fame Selection Committee membership provides a broad representation of the University's alumni and involves the administration, faculty, and athletic department. The Hall of Fame nomination form is on the bottom of this page.

The purpose of the ESF Hall of Fame is to honor former students, coaches, administrators, faculty, staff and ESF community members  who excelled in ESF athletics.

Its purpose is to recognize the contribution of those persons who have brought distinction, honor, and excellence to ESF athletics and familiarize the entire campus community and alumni with ESF’s rich athletic history.


Student – Athletes:

  • An athlete must have actively participated in at least 2 seasons in 1 sport – OR- 1 season in 2 sports.
  • Student – athletes must have attended ESF a minimum of two years.
  • The athlete will not be considered until 3 years after the class in which the nominee entered graduates.
  • To be nominated for the 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame induction, an athlete must have graduated in 2015 or earlier.

Coaches and Program Supporters:

  • Coaches, administrators and special supporters of ESF Athletics are also eligible for induction, if they have:
  1. a nomination submitted on their behalf, detailing the special nature of their contributions to ESF Athletics
  2. conducted themselves in a fashion such as to bring credit to ESF, for a minimum of five years.

Criteria For All Nominees:

  • The nominee must have departed ESF in good standing.
  • Candidates and their respective application must be reviewed by all members of the selection committee. 
  • There is no limit, however, to the number of times an individual may be considered. In exceptional cases, the above requirements may be waived by a unanimous vote of the committee.
  • Nominated candidates who are unsuccessful in their first year, will have their credentials automatically reviewed for 3 subsequent years.
  • The nominee should be present at the induction ceremonies in order to be inducted. If a person is voted in but unable to attend the ceremonies, that person will be contacted in the years to follow until he or she is able to attend.
  • Team nomination can be made and must have clearly demonstrated outstanding and exemplary level of high achievement in their sport in 2015 or earlier. 


Basic Selection Criteria :

  • Achievement in athletic competition as demonstrated by post season honors, team captaincy, record-setting performances, and/or being the outstanding performer on a team(s). 
  • General contributions to society as evidenced by leadership in community, professional, and/or personal affairs.

Timeline for Hall of Fame Nomination

  • January –March -  Call for nominations
  • March – April – Nominations reviewed by selection committee
  • May- June – Successful Candidates notified, Press Releases sent out
  • August – Publicity for HOF and Alumni event sent out
  • September/October – HOF Induction - Alumni Recognition Reception – This event will be sponsored by the Robert C. French Endowed Fund for the ESF Athletics Hall of Fame
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